Net sales

Digia’s consolidated net sales for the fiscal year were EUR 121.9 (130.8) million, down 6.8 per cent on the previous year.

The Enterprise Solutions segment posted net sales of EUR 82.7 (75.7) million, up 9.2 per cent. The Mobile Solutions segment had net sales of EUR 39.3 (55.2) million, down 28.8 per cent. The Enterprise Solutions segment’s growth in net sales was mainly thanks to the Qt business, which accumulated EUR 6.0 million in net sales starting in the second quarter. Total net sales were negatively affected, especially at the beginning of the year, by lower licence sales than expected, which had an impact on billing. In Mobile Solutions, net sales fell because of a sudden and considerable decline in demand for services, following a change in the business environment.

During the financial year, the product business accounted for EUR 25.7 (19.7) million or 21.0 (15.1) per cent of consolidated net sales.

International operations accounted for EUR 14.7 (10.6) million or 12.1 (8.1) per cent of consolidated net sales.