How success is created:
Digia’s strategy in brief

  • Competitive service business creates a strong cash flow
  • Scalable software-based product business and new market areas motivate growth
  • Continuity is guaranteed by motivated personnel and a healthy balance between short-term earning power and future growth

Fulfillment of Digia’s vision for 2014 is based on these strategic cornerstones:

Maintaining competitive and innovative service operations, which ensure a steady cash flow and moderate growth. The key is to create value for the customer’s business through customer-based operating models and solutions.

Scalable business models will be developed alongside the current portfolio, for accelerated growth. To achieve this, services will be productised into duplicable, industry specific packages of solutions and the related services. In addition, software and services will be developed for international online distribution.

Growth potential will be increased by expanding the domestic market into new areas of rapid growth such as Russia. Short-term earning power will be balanced with long-term sustainable growth through steady investment management.

Employee motivation and commitment will be a focus. The company’s image as an attractive employer will be developed.

It will be ensured that the company's management, structure and operating models create a parallel support in order to achieve the strategic goals.