From vision into action:
implementing the strategy

  • Understanding customers' needs and creating value
  • Strategic portfolios and different business models
  • Organisation and management focus

Success lies in the ability to understand customer needs and respond by creating value. Nevertheless, the value creation method varies.

Some solutions are carefully tailored to their unique operating model. On the other hand, some solutions include established industry models and practices, tailored whenever necessary. Some benefit from quickly adopted software or services, delivered online.

Ability to understand customers’ needs and produce just the right solutions is critical to sustainable and profitable growth, as well as for greater shareholder value.

Strategic focuses

In order to ensure the fulfillment of its strategy, to secure a promise-fulfillment-chain optimised for various business models, and to provide a return on its investments, Digia has divided its business into four strategic focuses. These form Digia’s business units from the beginning of 2012:

  • Solutions & Services business unit: Customer specific solutions and services

  • Industry Verticals business unit: Industry specific, duplicable software solutions

  • International Products business unit: International product business

  • New Market Areas business unit

Support operations such as key customer industries and marketing, expertise and capacity management, strategic development, and business support will be led horisontally across all business units.