Industry specific, duplicable software solutions

  • Duplicable business concepts and solutions introduced to chosen industries
  • Multichannel capability in ERP and operating systems, as well as portal and integration solutions increase efficiency
  • Deep knowledge of industries facilitate project implementation

Digia’s Industry Verticals business focuses on duplicable business concepts and solutions, in chosen industries. For retail, Digia has developed the comprehensive Digia Smart Store concept. This solution will solve the challenges posed by growing competition.

Complete system portfolio based on own and third-party products

Wholesale and retail, manufacturing industry, services, financial sector and associations are among the chosen sectors. In each sector, Digia offers customers a complete system suite. Digia’s own products and those from suitable technology partners are included. Digia’s service range covers high-quality implementation services and comprehensive system life cycle services, from support services to maintenance and hosting.

Product based system projects are easier to implement

Industry Verticals offers product-based software solutions and related services to new and current customers. This is supported by in-depth industry knowledge. The portfolio’s core comprises ERP systems, financial sector and associations operative systems, and related portals and integration solutions.

Technology partner solutions and ERP sector verticals flexibly supplement the portfolio, which means faster implementation and less risk in system implementation projects.

Multichannel solutions improve efficiency and user experience

Because Digia’s product solutions increasingly support multichannel use, they can be used on mobile terminals where needed. Mobile technology expertise makes Digia a unique developer of mobility in corporate ERP systems.

System mobility will be important in the future and will allow more-efficient system use. The objective is that the right information will be in the right place at the right time. In addition, systems will become more user friendly and the overall user experience will be significantly improved.