International product business

  • Development of existing products, and new investments are the basis for growth
  • A strong international office network contributes to growth
  • Digia Ventures develops easily scalable cloud solutions,
    Qt Commercial produces licences and services for 3,500 businesses

Digia’s International Products aims to grow by developing existing products and their sales, and by investing in new growth projects. The backbones of this business unit are the Qt Commercial business, acquired in March 2011, and Digia Ventures.

In a challenging international software market, specialised expertise and broad customer knowledge are needed. During 2011, Digia responded to these challenges by opening new branches in Norway and the United States. These new offices are located in Oslo and Santa Clara, California. For Digia, an international office network and experienced international sales force will be major factors in achieving strong growth.

Broad client-base for Qt Commercial

The Qt Commercial development environment is actively used by some 3,500 desktop and integrated software customers. These customers represent a wide variety of sectors, including consumer electronics, finance, aeronautics, energy, defence and media. The main markets for the licence sales are the United States, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Japan. The majority of the Qt Commercial turnover is generated by licence sales.

Digia has invested in Qt Commercial licensing and service operations. This forms a solid operational basis and speeds up development of business solutions using Qt. It also means that more and more customers can benefit from Digia’s services.

The growing use of Qt has increased the need for reliable commercial support and services. As well as avoiding the restrictions of open-source licences, many Qt Commercial customers appreciate a business relationship offering professional, efficient support and services. These ensure the success of the customer’s own software-intensive business solutions.

Digia Ventures innovate in next-generation software solutions

A source of growth opportunities, the international software business also needs investment in the future. Digia Ventures is developing the next generation of software solutions.

Digia Ventures is approaching the market through easily scalable cloud solutions, which are provided directly online. Its browser-based and mobile products are independent of place and time. The business models are also innovative: aside from a small fixed charge, customers only pay for what they use. Start-up costs are generally very low, or non-existent.

International product business as a growth driver

Digia’s strategic objective is to be an internationally operating growth company. It will continue investing in this area in the future. As a return on its investment, Digia seeks growth clearly above market average, while keeping profitability in focus.