Creating value by understanding changes in the customer’s industry

  • Creating efficiency, productivity and competitive edge as change accelerates
  • Understanding industry changes leads to value-generating solutions
  • During change, commitment to value creation requires partnership

Information system investments are made to improve efficiency or productivity. Specific competitive edge, or support for deep operational change are also sought after from these investments.

Digia is known for its ability to listen to customers. The company is also valued for its agility. This agility is often seen in the way Digia swiftly adapts and changes direction, according to customer's needs.

Digia is a reliable partner during customer’s industry changes

Digia’s customers face new, rapidly changing challenges in the fast-changing global economy and competitive environment. For example, a swift change forces a company to re-examine its vision and update its strategy at shorter intervals.

Through industry leadership, Digia aims to be a reliable partner for its customers during their industry change. For this, Digia must be able to identify with the customers’ vision and understand its strategy, from the perspective of industry change. Together with the customer, Digia seeks answers to the following questions: How to support efficiency, productivity and competitiveness? How to achieve fundamental business transformations with a modern IT strategy and information systems?

Growth partner for telecom operators

In general, the telecom industry faces the challenge of growing in highly competitive markets. Consumer behaviour has changed: customers change operator at will and no longer settle for basic subscriber services. The range of handsets is growing fast. While offering new possibilities, this challenges operators to develop innovative service concepts.

Digia’s long history, as an expert in mobile technology and enterprise solutions, is an excellent basis for solid telecom partnerships. It enables Digia to create value for customers through new services and systems.

Better services for financial industry, at lower costs

Recent years have seen significant changes in the banking and insurance industry. The market is consolidating, as companies merge. At the same time, new operators and services are appearing, alongside new modes of service provision. Industry change drivers include global economic uncertainty, increased regulation and capital requirements.

Digia has a long history in providing financial management solutions. In recent years, its solutions have expanded into banking systems and online services. For Digia’s customers, these increase cost efficiency, make winning new customers easier, and enable excellent customer experiences.

Digia as a gateway to public services

Public sector cooperation is intensifying, as management centralises. Public service users are growing in number, but there are shrinking resources for producing them.

Digia provides a firm basis for deepening cooperation, through its solid experience of the public sector and its changes, and its ability to produce e-service solutions.

Digia optimises all parts of the retail value chain

The retail industry is continually changing. Fiercer competition, globalisation, the need for greater efficiency throughout the value chain and new consumer expectations – these are putting change pressure on retailers.

Already a renowned partner of retailers, Digia provides solutions for multichannel service provision, and value chain integration and optimisation. Digia’s Smart Store concept rises to today’s retail industry challenges, all the way to store automation.