New Market Areas

  • Rapidly growing markets constitute the main focus for the future
  • ERP system solutions and services are tailored for specific groups
  • Local market solutions are being aligned with overall product portfolio

Digia’s New Market Areas segment seeks growth, by expanding local business into new markets. The short-term emphasis will be on business development in the rapidly growing Russian market.

The people from Russia value Finnish quality. Knowledge of the local business culture, and the ability to network in a new market are the key factors for success in that market.

Software-based solutions adapted to the local market, and the related support services, lie at the unit’s core. A new offering is also being developed for the target market that has synergies with Digia’s general offering. This provides market potential in Finland too. 

Service operations and duplicable software solutions

The operational focus is on duplicable, industry-specific software solutions. Nevertheless, service operations that support recognition and market capture will also be developed. Nearshore services will also be offered to ensure the competitive edge and resource availability of Finnish operations.

In particular, the unit offers ERP and BI solutions aimed at the retail, distribution and logistics sectors. It also provides software development services for operators and other selected focus groups.

Growth based on active customer gain

New Market Areas aims at rapid organic growth, mainly by developing new customer relationships. It will also achieve this by expanding its product range for existing customers. Carefully considered mergers and acquisitions are another way of achieving this objective. An initial, small-scale acquisition was made in 2011.

Digia’s Russian branches are located in St. Petersburg and Moscow. At the end of 2011, they employed 48 persons.