Customer specific solutions and services

  • Architectures and technologies that conform to changing business needs
  • Digia’s in-depth technological expertise and comprehensive services support the entire system development cycle
  • Innovative mobile and online solutions satisfy multiple customers’ need

Digia’s Solutions & Services business unit delivers technological applications and services that support the customers’ business.

As the business environment becomes global, and web services increase Digia helps its customers to build highly competitive and personalised customer experiences, and offer 24/7 services that are valued by end customers, therefore they stand out from the competition.

Architectures and technologies lasting long into the future

To meet the fast technological changes and the needs of businesses, users and customers, IT systems must enable integration, data security and personalisation. Users should have access to relevant information on various devices, independent of time and place.

Based on services and off-the-shelf products, Digia’s solutions link the customer’s business strategy to a supportive IT solution. This means success in flexible information sharing between users and systems, and in leveraging new channels such as social media.

Digia aims at producing and commercialising leading technological platforms that allow systems to be connected to new electronic services, through standard interfaces.

Services for the whole system development cycle

Digia’s portfolio includes solutions and services that cover the entire system development cycle from architecture, concept and user interface design in to software development, integration and maintenance. Digia's portfolio specialises in:

  • Product creation services and technology or customer-specific centres of expertise
  • User experience services and conceptualisation
  • Consulting and architecture services
  • Mobile and online solutions

Digia offers innovative mobile and online solutions for customers

Long-term customer relationships, industry-specific expertise and mobile solutions; this combination provides a strong platform for Digia’s innovative, end-to-end service production. Operations are based on leading technology platforms, strong technical expertise, knowledge of the customers’ business, and conceptualisation.

Digia’s productised design process covers user, business and technology needs. It combines these with the opportunities created by rapidly changing markets. Digia innovates successful solutions for its customers' needs.