A year of changes from personnel perspective

  • Due to market changes Digia was forced to reduce its mobile business experts by a significant number of people. Around 100 employees were relocated from the mobile business area to the enterprise business area
  • Overseas operations were strengthened
  • Following this year of upheaval, employee commitment will be emphasised

Market changes in the Mobile Solutions segment had a major impact on Digia's personnel. To adjust the size of the staff to demand, Digia conducted four rounds of cooperation negotiations. During the year 2011 Digia’s personnel was reduced by 344 employees (a reduction of 24.6%).

After the downsizing, at the end of year 2011, Digia employed 1,175 persons including overseas divisions. Additionally, some of the employee reductions agreed in 2011 will be effective in early 2012.

Internal job transfers

During the negotiations, some employees were successfully relocated within Digia. Acquired last spring, the Qt Commercial business employed nearly 50 people at the end of the year. All of these are former experts from the Mobile Solutions division.

Suitable jobs were also found for more than 50 employees, elsewhere in the Enterprise Solutions segment.

Supportive actions were carried out during the year, for those that stayed and those laid off. In addition, in this difficult situation, support was provided for managers to improve their ability to cope and fully utilise their expertise.

New branches in Norway and the United States

The company’s overseas functions grew in scope and relevance. With the Qt Commercial acquisition, Digia opened new offices and welcomed new staff in Oslo and Santa Clara, California. Business was transferred and offices opened with commendable ease in just a few months. After the initial phase, product development and support functions were started in Finland.

Digia significantly strengthened its presence in Russia, recruiting new employees for its operations in that important market. In China, staff numbers fell slightly due to the reduction in product creation services.

Resurgence in 2012

Digia has revised its strategy and towards the end of the year, it also renewed its organisation to support the strategic objectives. The reorganisation and new approach will reinforce good practices and processes. Where necessary, they will also lead to improved methods.

Process and management competence, employee commitment, managing the fit and amount of expertise, and operational efficiency were identified as key areas of leadership. Digia aims at improving these areas in particular.

In 2012, the focus will be on employee motivation and commitment. Digia will also further develop its image as an attractive employer.