Employee support during a transition year

  • To support faster re-employment for laid off personnel, Digia worked together with Finland’s Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
  • Other staff were offered help to cope, for instance through the Proactive care model
  • Leisure activities were supported through employee benefits and club activities

Together with local Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Digia obtained change coaching for laid-off personnel. This coaching was provided by Saranen Consulting. The aim was to enable swift re-employment in similar ICT jobs, or completely new careers. The coaching covered the job market and employment situation in the ICT sector, various opportunities for employment, and the recruitment needs of companies in all sectors, efficient job-seeking, personal career planning and motivation for swift action.

Regarding Pori and Lappeenranta, it is estimated that approximately 70% of those laid off were reemployed by September.

Those laid off retained access to their employee benefits during the notice period; for example, above-average use was made of dental services. The obligation to complete the notice period was minimised whenever possible.

Training to cope with a challenging situation

Support was provided for staff in difficult times through the ‘Proactive care model’. Managers and project leaders were coached by the occupational health care provider on how to perform management work and apply the Proactive care model during a change situation. Managers were further supported, through training on how to cope with challenging interaction during radical change. This training was highly praised and was valued useful by attendees.

In addition, depending on demand, the occupational healthcare arranged psychology sessions on coping with difficult transition.

Employee benefits

Through various benefits, such as luncheon and meal vouchers for daily dining, Digia encouraged staff to strive for healthy lifestyles and well-being. Occupational health care was offered, as either health insurance or agreements with health clinics. Dentistry services were another employee benefit. Fitness and culture vouchers were also offered as a means to encourage exercise and recreation.

Various leisure activities

Digia supports employee leisure activities through clubs. Through OpenClub, various free-time activities are arranged locally.

As an example, Digia’s support of musical activities can be mentioned; OpenStones, a band integrated by Digia employees reached the final stage of the national 2011 Firmarock competition.