Operational readjustment due to reduced demand for product creation services

  • Personnel readjustment measures were implemented in stages
  • Four rounds of co-operation negotiations were conducted, beginning in March
  • The first three negotiation rounds aimed at downsizing and the fourth round concerned reorganisation

During the year, a major customer’s change of strategy had a fundamental impact on jobs within the Mobile Solutions segment. The reduction in product creation services work forced Digia to adjust its staff numbers accordingly.

The customer’s decision-making progressed in stages, with Digia making adjustments in step with this. Digia engaged in its first round of personnel negotiations in March, deciding to close the Pori office. At the beginning of the negotiations, the Pori branch employed around 70 people. Some were offered positions in Digia’s Rauma office, with around 15 transferring there.

The second negotiation round began in August. This led to the closure of the Lappeenranta office and product creation staff reductions in other offices. When the negotiations began, the Lappeenranta branch employed around 75 persons. Digia was able to re-employ only a few of these in other offices.

The third round of negotiations began in May, and the fourth and final round in September. As a result, staff numbers in 2012 will match the expected business volume. However, some contracts will not be terminated until the end of certain projects in spring 2012.

A buoyant job market in the sector and the long schedule and geographical distribution of the layoffs, made job finding easier.