Enterprise Solutions grew moderately, as expected

  • Demand for ERP systems and industry verticals is steadily growing
  • New products and customer relationships were developed within the financial sector
  • Novel products for association business sector were introduced

Digia’s IT solutions satisfy the daily business needs of companies and organisations. These solutions are based on our own or third-party software products and include services for their entire life cycles.

The Enterprise Solutions business developed according to the plans, excluding a few exceptions, and grew moderately in 2011. Towards the end of the year, consumer caution increased in the general economy. Regarding major investment decisions in early 2012, slight delays are expected. Nevertheless, in the longer term, Digia forecasts that the demand for these solutions will remain high.

Broader demand for industry verticals

The demand for ERP systems has remained strong, and the business has grown steadily. Last year was characterised by marked growth in the role of industry-specific sector verticals. Digia's recent vertical deliveries include solutions for the retail and logistics sectors.

Companies face growing integration demand

The demand for Digia’s integration solutions grew steadily in 2011 and growth is expected to continue. In particular, demand for service-oriented architecture (SOA) as well as event-driven architecture (EDA) delivery projects increased throughout all sectors.

Recognised partner in Portal management solutions

Digia’s Portal Services invested in developing Oracle WebCenter and Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 competences. This led to Digia being chosen as the top Oracle Fusion Middleware partner for 2011. Customer demand was strongest for electronic desktops, document management and self-service solutions.

Large market share retained in financial sector and for associations

Digia maintained its major market share in software for the financial sector and associations. Financial sector portal and mobile products were actively developed, and Digia expanded its customer base for banking systems.

Digia renewed its e-services system for unemployment funds and trade unions. Document management and electronic membership cards were added to the offering.