Mobile Solutions business reduced significantly

  • Digia is a long-term provider of mobile services
  • Major changes in mobile market ─ personnel capacity readjusted to demand
  • Efficient, customer-oriented services will continue

Digia has a long, successful history as a provider of mobile solutions. That is based on unique expertise and broad experience. High customer satisfaction reflects Digia’s reliability and commitment to high quality.

Product creation services hit by permanent fall in demand

The year 2011 was a time of huge change in the mobile business. A key customer announced a major strategic change early in the year. This had a permanent negative impact on demand for Digia’s product creation services.

In certain technology platforms, the change was extremely swift and Digia experienced the main impacts in 2011. As a result, Digia was forced to reduce its capacity in Mobile Solutions. Adjustment measures included closures of offices in Pori and Lappeenranta, plus staff reductions elsewhere in Finland.

Usability expertise as part of delivery projects

Digia has reorganised in response to the market transformation mentioned above. This restructuring will ensure the continuity of efficient, customer-oriented services also in the future.

In Mobile Solutions, Digia will continue to offer comprehensive solutions covering the entire mobile product development life cycle – from designing inspiring user experiences, to launching and maintaining new solutions.

Digia’s offering will shift more strongly towards early stage product development. Here, Digia’s usability expertise can be brought even closer to delivery projects. Independent management and delivery of software entireties are the basis of this business.

Regarding technologies, Digia will continue to support its previous platforms, with a focus on Qt, Linux and E2E solutions.