Better production management for Ojala Group

  • Greater precision in material and production management prevents over- and under-loading
  • A more flexible production ensures better customer service

Ojala Group is a contract manufacturer of sheet metal mechanics, with long experience. It makes sheet and flat bar engineering products and components, for international machinery and equipment manufacturers. Ojala Group’s services include manufacture and assembly of high-quality engineering components, as well as turnkey system deliveries.

Challenging offer calculation

Ojala Group needed to modernise several tools, as well as its offer calculation, and ERP systems. Production management required development to provide better business support. In addition, all units in Finland, Central Europe and Asia needed to be aligned under the same system.

The new ERP system had to be capable of extremely challenging offer calculations and fast, high-volume production. All products are made to short lead times, against fierce competition.

Preparing for the future

In early 2011, Ojala adopted the Digia Enterprise ERP system in Finland and Europe.

The new system provided greater precision to production cell management; prevention of cell overloads and under-loads is even more efficient. Using pre-made models, offer calculation now takes account of all product cost components. This allows sales to process more offers in less time, with less risk of human error.

“The main purpose of our new ERP system is to meet future challenges,” explains Ojala Group’s Director of ICT, Erkki Kontiokari.

Next, reporting and wireless solutions will be connected to the system.