Facilitating shift management at SOK

  • Tempus ‘shift management’ service facilitates workforce mobility and organisational learning
  • Improved and user-friendly service is available 24/7

S Group has around 1,600 outlets in Finland. The group consists of regional cooperatives and, under their ownership, the SOK Corporation.

Efficient shift allocation

Previously, S Group managed shift allocation through several channels; some store supervisors used mass text messages, other contacted staff directly by calling or texting. In many cases, employees are also offered extra hours outside their own cooperative.

S Group decided to improve its shift management, particularly by integrating and stardadising the shift offering practices. The aspiration was to improve extra hour allocation for part-time staff. Such staff account for more than half of the Group’s employees.

Help in everyday management

With Digia’s Tempus service, offering shifts to suitable staff is made easy and efficient; the supervisor selects the store and shift times and Tempus automatically finds employees with the right skills and availability and desire to work at the store.

The system then sends the work offer by text message and a confirmation is later sent to employees deemed suitable by the supervisor. Unsuccessful candidates are also informed of the decision.

Digia iSuite has been used to integrate Tempus with S Group’s shift management system.

“User-friendliness was important from the start and our supervisors appreciate this Tempus’ characteristic. They are also pleased with the automatic transfer of shift data to the shift management system. This reduces duplicated work and improves supervisors’ time management,” reports HR expert Anna-Kaisa Hakala, of SOK’s HR unit.