Transparency and cost efficiency for Trafi’s Information Management

  • Harmonised practices benefit a multi-organisation agency
  • Efficient use of resources improves customer service

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) regulates and monitors Finland’s transport system. It also develops the transport system’s safety and promotes the environmental friendliness of traffic. Trafi was formed by merging the Finnish Vehicle Administration Centre, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Maritime Administration’s Maritime Safety Training Centre, and the Rail Administration.

As a new agency, Trafi aspires to improve its information management support services. The system that was implemented supported the agency’s start-up through shared processes.

Framework agreement basis

Under a framework agreement signed by Digia Plc and Hansel Ltd, Trafi adopted Digia’s Service Desk Management system. The system is used to manage internal service request handling. This can involve workstations, telephones, data traffic, applications, office technology, and user IDs or rights.

Shorter solution times

Thanks to Service Desk Management, Trafi’s information management support services are more efficient and customers get smoother, higher-quality service. Higher efficiency also means faster trouble-shooting and better use of resources. Improved reporting raises the efficiency of process monitoring and steering. Since they are more transparent, processes are now easier to manage.

The project benefited from specifications and implementations previously made under the Hansel agreement. As a consequence, Trafi gained a localised and comprehensive event management support system at a reasonable effort and cost.