Managed content creation for TUT

  • Content creation is distributed easily
  • New technology platform enables system scalability

Tampere University of Technology (TUT) is an international institution that specialises in technology and architectural research and teaching. Initially formed as a foundation, it employs around 2,000 people, of which 80 per cent work in teaching, research and support functions.

Distributed Tutka

TUT needed a new system platform for its staff intranet, Tutka. The university has long experience of distributed content creation practices for news content in particular. These practices are ruled by strong principles, therefore TUT wanted to develop this further. Quality classification of content was fundamental to this overhaul.

Together with Digia, TUT chose Oracle UCM Content Server as the new platform. This comprehensive content management package is a durable, reliable basis for diverse content production and management, which also enables user-specific functionality.

Help from automated classification rules

The new platform allows intranet content to be classified (during the creation phase) through built-in, automatic classification rules.

Based on the organisational structure, an in-built Site Admin level is utilised so that departments can produce and manage their own web pages. User friendliness means anyone can create content for a chosen news item depending on the data security classification of the publication channel.

Through this new technology platform, system content and functionality can be expanded as needs grow. As content diversifies, users can be provided with, say, increasingly refined and targeted services, which will help them find the information they need.