CEO’s review

In the future, Digia will look different, and we are confident that the change will be positive. Our gaze is firmly set on the future; in response to market changes, we have revised our strategy and restructured our organisation.

The year 2011 was a transition period for Digia. Market changes in the mobile sector had a major impact on our operations. We took tough steps to adjust to the new market situation. Some of the measures taken involved letting go a significant segment of mobile area experts, as well as to close offices in the cities of Pori and Lappeenranta.

Regardless of the difficult year for all of us, we achieved a good result in Enterprise Solutions. Early in 2011, we acquired the Qt Commercial licensing and service business from Nokia. We have been able to develop this positively, and in accordance with the expectations. We have also continued to market our multi-channelled and wireless solutions, while working hard on the user experience of our product range.

Eyes firmly on the future

In the future, we will focus even more on our scalable product business, as a complement to our profitable and stable customer specific business. Through scalability, we will seek growth both abroad and in Finland. We will also focus on growth in chosen new markets, especially Russia. In addition to the above, key success factors in Finland are closeness to the customers and deep industry knowledge. Our technological expertise and innovativeness will help us to achieve these goals.

I am excited about our new direction. I strongly believe that Digia will become an even more preferred solution partner, a more popular place to work, and an increasingly profitable investment.

Inspired experts behind the success

I am thrilled by what our talented employees have achieved during the year. Customer satisfaction remained high and we brought a huge number of projects smoothly home. Our expertise achieved national recognition, when Excellence Finland chose our cloud service as Quality Innovation of the Year.

Digia has also provided many employees with new challenges. In buying the Qt Commercial business, we warmly welcomed new members, based in the US and Norway, to Digia. Some employees also moved from Mobile Solutions to Enterprise Solutions.

Into the new year together

I want to thank our customers for their cooperation, and our shareholders for trusting in our success. My special thanks go out to all Digia employees, not only for your top-level expertise, but your resilience and persistence during the year.

Juha Varelius
President and CEO